Rebooting takes time

When you have an existing show, and decide to reboot it with a different style, a different format, different content, but using existing properties, it takes some time to go back and remember all the places the show lives, and how those, and any new properties, will need to change, adapt and work together.

Sure Twitter, Instagram, Facebook are all pretty readily apparent, but when you switch from a vlog to a podcast, do you need to bring your youtube channel along? Including rebranding and updating? What about that old Soundcloud account you have? I mean, sure, I can store podcast files there, so that means rebranding. (Where’s that ‘Forgot my username, password, last time I used this’ link again?)

And the website redesign/repurpose. Going from a relatively static site to a blog-ish site brings back all those web design headaches you thought you’d worked through. And new blog posts to let people know what’s coming and to explain why things look different.

And trying to decide just what you’re going to talk about on the podcast itself. What’s the format? Will there be guests? A co-host? What’s the topic?

I’ve decided, for now, to go with just me as the host. I’ve found that no one will give your show the level of importance that you will. So start it by yourself unless you absolutely have co-hosts that are as 100% bought in as you are.

For the topic, I’ve decided that I need to go with things that interest me. And being as ADHD as I am, that list becomes quite long. As an example, I’ve been trying to decide what type of podcast I wanted to produce. I thought about True Crime as I really like the idea of giving people facts and stories about crimes so they can try to solve it on their own, whether the solve is just as an academic exercise, or if they’re actually going to get out and beat the street looking for clues. I’ve thought about a legislature watch dog podcast where I go over the latest legislation and explain it so people can understand it better. To maybe help keep our Congresspersons accountable for the laws they’re introducing and voting for. I thought about an audio drama podcast with some of my original works, both fiction and poetry.

None of those could hold my attention for more than a few episodes, and the effort in creating, producing, posting, marketing and supporting a podcast is pretty high, so more than one podcast would be way too much work, anyway. So I thought, why not mix them all in to one? It might make for a scattered show, a less-than-focused show, but it might be fun. I could dabble in all of those, and more as my interests wax and wan, and it might make for something people would want to hear. So that’s it. Settled. Now, what category does that fall under?

Well, I’m about halfway done with the site, and I’ve got to rebrand Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, still. I’ve got an account set up, all my podcast gear and software, and time to record. I’m still working out the full workflow, but for now, it’s going to be hosted on and shared to all the major players (Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and a few others). Once I build an audience, I’ll revisit the hosting and workflow decisions.

I really need to get an Episode 0, and introduction episode, in the can so I can really get this blog exercised. And get my feeds up and running. So, once that’s up, and the rest of the properties are converted, rebranded and re-awakened, you’ll know. You’ll start hearing the best, homegrown entertainment on the internet!